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Friday, April 1, 2022

Clever Mermaid Game

I realized recently that there are MANY pirate games, but very few mermaid games. There's even less to choose from once you eliminate classic games with Ariel the Disney Princess. So I decided the best way to combat that absence is to create more mermaid games.

This one is Clever Mermaid. Here's how you play:

Deal all the cards out. Make pairs by asking for cards you want. 

You may ask for cards not in your hand!

If the 4 mermaids swim off in 2 pairs, they are too clever and escape your game! 

But if your last card is a mermaid, you WIN!


Some questions I was asked during playtesting that can be house rules:

  • TWO make a pair in this game, not four like some people's Go Fish games.
  • There is no value in the paired cards. Win or loss is determined solely on having a single mermaid in hand.
  • In a 4-player game, there may be four winners.
  • Players cannot win with more than one card in their hand. 

  • There is no fishpond unless there are only 2 players.
  • With 2 players, players may prefer to draw cards from each other blindly (like Old Maid) instead of asking for cards (like Go Fish). 
  • Putting the collected pairs face down adds a memory challenge -- if a player asks for cards that have already been paired off, they basically lose a turn.
  • Whether the player gets the card they wanted/asked for (or not), once they have asked and received a card (or not), their turn ends. They do not continue their turn due to a lucky guess, grab, or draw.
  • Clever Variation: if a player's favorite being is NOT a mermaid (shockers!!!), they may choose to play Clever Unicorn, Clever Alien, Clever Wand, Clever Genie, Clever Fairy, or Clever Dragon instead. The game will be played the same way.
  • A player can be out of cards first and not be the winner (because player doesn't have a Clever Mermaid or Clever Variation)

    Buy your copy of Clever Mermaid today!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Health Journal

 Phyl Campbell Health Journal

Large size (8x10) retails for $14.90. Small size (6x9) retails for $12.90.

Books are available on Amazon or through my SquareStore.


Current Cover Options

D.yin yang cat health journalE.unicorn riding dinosaur health journalF.worship dog health journal


Amazon listings:

            Right now, these six images are available in the 8x10 format, but only the plain journal (image B, description B2) is available in 6x9 format. I intend to make all cover options available in 6x9 format, plus add more cover options, by May 2022. It is easy to add new cover options, but sometimes the publishing platform forces delays between uploads.

A. I'm Not Lazy I Just Work Hard to Rest: Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write down what you need to remember and more!

by Phyl Campbell | Jan 13, 2022

B. Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write down what you need

C. Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write down what you need

D. My Body is a Temple: Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write

5.0 out of 5 stars 1 (cover reads: My body is a temple …and my cat expects only the best)

E. Unicorn Riding Dinosaur: Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information,

F. My Body is a Temple: Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write

5.0 out of 5 stars 1 (cover reads: My body is a temple where my dog comes to worship)

B2.Health Journal: track your information, keep a log of important medical information, write down what you need to remember and more! 6x9 format

Thursday, January 20, 2022

KDP -- the Saga Continues

What's that Blues Traveler song?

The latest from KDP is that they're still refusing to take responsibility for blocking my Health Journal series. They expect me to take down and resubmit the paperbacks -- that are currently LIVE -- to get rid of the attached ebooks that they don't want me to have. Yet I, as a platform user, am not allowed to delete things I have submiitted for publication, so even if I followed the steps they advise, the items blocking my series would still be there. Plus, then I would have duplicate listings for the same print books. There must be a fix on their end -- because there isn't on mine without violating the T&C of the platform, which is what I feel they're asking me to do.

Then, they were kind enough to threaten to suspend or cancel my account, and then thanked me for publishing with them.

Can you tell I'm a bit frustrated? Because I am. I have published and unpublished nearly 100 books with the KDP platform. My time in publishing is longer than theirs, as I worked with CreateSpace before them and Lulu during the transition. If KDP were not a necessary aspect to publishing books on Amazon, as evidenced by the many struggles others are having with IS, D2D, and other platforms that feed into Amazon via a 3rd party, I would go back to Lulu. But Amazon, like WalMart to this native Arkansan, has become a necessary nuisance.

This is not capitalism. This is gatekeeping at a level that KDP's predecessor CreateSpace specifically claimed to be against. Perhaps CreateSpace made too many opportunities for small fish to have a chance in a big pond. Perhaps that is why KDP killed it. I know other authors are being pirated and losing their accounts -- I am relieved to not be having that problem. But then other low content book creators are able to make mortgage payments solely off passive income streams -- with the one star reviews to show for it. I'm not jealous of them. I just want an equitable chance to list my products and make them easy for customers to find.

Until then, here are the products that may be found and purchased on Amazon. The 8x10 versions are $14.90 and the 6x9 versions are $12.90. The Yin Yang cat version is still available as ebook for those who have their own blank books to fill in. Clicking on the picture should take you to the corresponding Amazon page.

Friday, January 14, 2022

100 Books by 1/18/2022

The following list of 98 books and projects is not the goal of 100 books I was planning to have published by Tuesday, and some in this list are "blocked" or "in review" by KDP. Since I am forcing that issue, I'm counting them. I'm also counting books that were completed and formatted but not published due to issues out of my control as well as books that were published but have since been unpublished. I'm including books published on my account as well as books students, former students, and clients published on their own accounts so long as I felt I had significant contribution to the project(s). Hopefully everyone named on this list is happy to be included. And the ones that aren't named might recognize their description, but the time spent was valuable -- I'm not intending to shortchange myself some mention of things I worked on -- those unpublished projects probably caused me the most heartache.

I didn't include 1000s of projects that were discussed and started but unfinished. If they got finished and I'm not aware, I hope for the best for those involved.

(First 39 created and published by me)

1. Mother Confessor Book 1

2. Mother Confessor Book 2

3. Mother Confessor Book 1 ebook

4. Mother Confessor Book 2 ebook

5. Martha's Chickens and the Pirates (Yellow Junior Reader Edition)

6. Mother Confessor 2 in 1 edition

7. Mother Confessor 2 in 1 edition ebook

8. Carley Patrol

9. Carley Patrol ebook

10. A Muse Meant

11. A Muse Meant ebook

12. #25 Reasons Why Charlie Should Never Read Jane's Books to Jane

13. Confessions of a Grammar Enthusiast

14. Confessions of a Grammar Enthusiast ebook

15. I'm Not Writing a Book Today

16. Just Sew Stories

17. No Estoy Escribiendo Un Libro Hoy

18. Martha's Chickens and the Pirates (Red Picture Book Edition)

19. Halloween Scare

20. Mermaid Overboard

21. Mermaid Evolution Lulu Paperback

22. Mermaid Evolution KDP paperback

23. Mermaid Revenge

24. Mermaid and Friends Coloring Book

25. Harpsichord's Blank Book

26. Evolution Blank Book Lulu Paperback

27. Evolution Blank Book KDP Paperback

28. Smart As Kids Series

29. Vegan Sandwich Maker

30. Health Journal Yin Yang Cat ebook - unpublished 1/27/2022 in hopes of reinstating my series

31. Health Journal Black Plain 8x10

32. Health Journal Black Plain 6x9

33. Health Journal Black Plain ebook BLOCKED by KDP

34. Health Journal My Body is a Temple Dog 8x10 – In Review by KDP

35. Health Journal Yin Yang Cat 8x10 – In Review by KDP

36. Health Journal Dog Cat Heart 8x10 – In Review by KDP

37. Health Journal Dog Cat Heart ebook BLOCKED by KDP

38. Health Journal Unicorn Riding Dinosaur 8x10 – In Review by KDP

39. Health Journal I'm Not Lazy 8x10 – In Review by KDP

Young Authors

40. Cadence Moore's Doggie Dilemma (10)

41. Bella Bond's A Lemur's Life: The Power Within (10)

42. Nicole Abram's Megan's Great Fear (10)

43. Ian Litchford's Crystals of Light (9)

44. Bella Bond's A Lemur's Life: The Royal Family (10)

45. Ari Ford's The Mystery of Death Bridge (11)

46. Ian Litchford's Crystals of Light 2(10)

47. Daisy Litchford's Tony Learns to Fly (7)

48. Payton Ledford's I See a Rainbow (6 1/2)

49. Kayden Ledford's The Three Best Friends (10)

50. Willie Craddick Jr's The Life of a Boy With Big Dreams (16)

51. Ian Litchford's Crystals of Light Book 3 (11)

52. Ian Litchford's Dinosaur Land (11)

53. Elizabeth Forester's Thoughts of Someone Just Like You (15)

54. Emma Klimchock's Time Fears and Smiles (12)

55. Joseph Ee's Minecraft War (11)

56. James Ee's Jackson Carrot Defeats Boredom(11)

57. Alyssa Murray's Not Growing (11)

58. Ayana Cruz's Dark Heart (12)

59. Lauren Carletti's Trapped (11)

60. Ben Waters Epic Elements (10)

61. Willie Craddick Jr's They Counted Us Out(17)

Adult Authors

62. Keara Davon Notes to Self

63. Anne Clark Messages of Hope (book 2)

64. Anne Clark Messages of Hope (book 1)

65. Anne Clark The Journey of Hope From an Urban Educator

66. Sara Winick Herrington Bee Happy

67. JL Mitchell Jingle

68. Tracy Brown Unashamed Spirit, Untamed Heart

69. Tracy Brown USUH Blank Book

70. Kelly Sibol Buzz and Louise

71. Rachel Myers Wild (completed on her own after attending my workshop and camp and getting some private editing)

72. CHI Group Healing Together (support role of editing and cover art connecting)

73. Ronald James A Year of Choice a Year of Change

74. Abena Walker (reprint) Our Favorite African Adrinkra Symbols: A Coloring Book

75. Geneva Politzer Words, Words, Words

76. Laile Wilson To Be: The Journey of Finding My Authentic Self

77. Michele Pedersen Natural From the Start: Empowered Birthing from Conception through Postpartum

78. Julie O'Callaghan Past Due

79. Sara Winick Herrington Love Always Wins: Poetry and Meditations from an Emotional Support Canadian

80. Heather Ryland Step Into Sovereignty

81. Heather Ryland Blank Book

Unpublished or uncredited

82. book in romance genre edited and reprinted after author rights reverted (book 1 in series)

83. book in romance genre edited and reprinted after author rights reverted (book 2 in series)

84. Kid author book removed from publishing by request of parent

85. Adult written kid story removed from publishing by request of author

86. book created and published as a gift and then removed from sale by PC

87. book created but not published due to a marketing issue

88. book created but not published due to a marketing issue (different book, same author)

89. book created but not published due to content pertaining to a legal matter

90. book created but not published due to author/artist revision issue

91. book of poetry created but not published due to [redacted]

92. gorgeous Sci Fi romance duology that the author completed but decided not to publish

2021 projects

93. Nkechi Taifa (reprint) Adventures of Kojo and Ama

94. Ani B and MAR Poems in a Minor

95. Jason Prugar Chasing Betty

96. Jason Prugar Chasing Betty ebook

97. Teanna Byerts Grandma Swordwhale's Mermaiding Book

2022 projects

98. Rillan MacDhai Wall of Thorns and Other Stories

99. Rillan MacDhai Wall of Thorns and Other Stories ebook

I can also add game publication to my resume. The Mermaid's Revenge game was created in 2018, but has been revamped several times and may be finding a home with a local game designer and seller. Magic Bluff was created this year and is printed by a game printing company. It may also have a home with the local game designer. Either way, I will retain my rights and ownership of these games. If I count them as books, that's 100, and the similiarities between book publishing and game publishing definitely give me reason to include them. 

My goal of 100 books by 1/18/2022 was arbitrary. An idea that popped in my head when I realized the health journal was something that could be offered in multiple sizes and formats. The date was chosen as the day I entered the hospital last year -- unsure if I would ever publish another book. If my more reasonable goal was 100 books in 10 years from my first publication, then I have until August for that goal, which I will smash a few different ways. For that goal, I will only include titles that are LIVE on Amazon. So I do have my work cut out for me. But we're going to have a lot of fun, too!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Open Letter to Faith Based Feminists of any gender, regarding People of Praise

 Faith-based feminists (male, female, and non-binary) in my feed (and you can share this if you want to):

I've been thinking about this People of Praise cult. And yes, I'm going to call it a cult and people who don't like it can die mad about my calling it a cult. But keep your pants on.
I don't think People of Praise inspired Handmaid's Tale - exactly. Probably some elements. PoP IS a Christian cult. Atwood didn't have to copy PoP to choose some version of Christian cult, write a work of fiction about it, and have people find it hitting too close to home.
I DO think that feminists could infiltrate this cult and turn it into a feminist-empowered organization. PoP members claim that they used to call women Handmaids in deference to Mary, Mother of Jesus. Mary said, and I'm paraphrasing (from memory, not citing any particular Bible translation) here, "I am the Handmaid of the Lord, let it be done to me as you say." However, Mary, Mother of Jesus, who was married to Joseph, did not consummate her marriage with her husband in order to conceive Jesus.
So if I were a male PoP, of course I would pervert the Bible (using the Apostle Paul, because that's the only Biblical account that supports rampant sexism) so my wife would have sex with me and I would be her master. But Paul's teachings are bogus because Mary didn't offer to be handmaid to Joseph. She promised to be handmaid to God. So let the immaculate conceptions commence.
Men/husbands are absolutely unnecessary for conception, and if honored with adoptive fatherhood of a woman's offspring, should honor and revere that woman and child as Joseph did Mary and Jesus.
Look to your Bibles, Christians. Does Joseph EVER contradict Mary in public? Does he EVER command her to act in any kind of way? In fact, Joseph is never even quoted in the Bible. He honors and supports a woman who is pregnant not by him, and helps raise the child in spite of not being that child's biological parent. Take that, Apostle Paul. Take that, Patriarchal Christian cultists. We need feminism much more than we need you. We need supportive men like Joseph, who are present but in the background of history. Who support women who make history.
Feminists -- male and female and non-binary: We need more Josephs. And the only way to get them is the raise them, to marry them, and to be them. Accept no lesser men. Or accept the men, but reject any and every bad behavior. As a spouse, do not tolerate bad (abusive) behavior from your husband, partner, or male-presenting child. As a man in a position of patriarchal privilege, call out bad behavior of other men, from sexist jokes to verbal putdowns to physical abuse and abandonment. Mary is outspoken, by conservative standards, on multiple occasions. Paul was misguided to declare that women should submit. We don't know his motives and they don't matter here. Paul should have been looking to Mary for guidance. Feminists, we can correct this mistake.
I personally cannot don the mantle of Christianity. Can't do it as a recovering Catholic. Won't do it as a Protestant. I am a believer in a Divine and also in the Divine as reflected in every thing and every one I see around me (with a few exceptions of free will run amok). I am in loving relationships with Atheists and Pagans and Jews and Muslims and Hindus. With people who refuse to put definitions and limitations on the Infinite. Only one group has reached levels of hypocrisy antithetical to the supposed teachings revealed by the holy books and the presumed Savior of the faith. I am aware that Christianity is not one gnarled tree growing bent and broken in rocky soil. It is splinters of the Trees of Life and Knowledge, bombed by greed, abuse, avarice, and other vices of corrupting power, sometimes joining together briefly with other splinters in pursuit of more power.
Normally, I advocate for strict separation of Church and State, but this is not a normal time. Churches have pushed our State too far and done too little to help the vulnerable. So if you believe in your faith, take up this mantle. Infiltrate the cults of Patriarchy with the convictions bestowed on you by God. Take back your faith from the grips of the cultists. Do it in the name of God, and do it to protect the most vulnerable of God's people.