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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I’m Not Writing A Book Today — a story by Phyl Campbell

I’ve got a great idea for a story.
It’s funny.
It makes me laugh.
One day, I will put it in a book and show you.

But not today.
Today I want to read someone else’s story.
Later, I will go swimming.
Then, I have to feed the dog.
Sorry, I simply cannot write today.



The story in my mind is getting stronger.
There’s this person, see?
And this person has to go…
And do…

But I must go and do also.
I must go to school.
I must do my homework.
Seven times two is not thirteen!
My story will just have to wait.



The person in my story made me cry today.
No, I cannot tell you why.
You have to wait until I’ve written it down.
And today I don’t want to write.

It’s a beautiful day and I want to play outside.
Or it’s a horrible day and I just want to play video games.
I absolutely cannot write today.



I know what the person in my story needs!
My person needs a — !
Oh, wait.
It’s a secret.

The moon is full and the fireflies are out.
Or the wind is cold and I want to snuggle under the blankets.
The person in my story needs something, too.
And that person must wait for me to be ready.



What am I doing today?
I’m writing.
Can’t you tell?
I put off my story until I no longer could,
But now it is almost done.



When I’m finished, would you like me to share it with you?
You would?
That’s great!
Thank you!

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