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Sunday, October 28, 2018

NANO is coming and go see my blog... WHAT?

I have been SO very busy living life.

I did not write about my eleven state book tour (only 3 states actually had launch parties, but STILL!  They weren't right all together).

Multiple new books have been published. I can't even keep up with all of them anymore.

And I've been updating. I have a Square store and a bunch of new stuff for book shows and expos. I have learned a lot.

I've also been crafting.

And I have been railing a lot against dumb decisions made by people I really can't control.

But I can vote. And I plan to on Tuesday.

I hope you vote, too!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Photo Courtesy, and
use here does not imply
their endorsement of me/my work.
So I haven't written much lately -- guess what? Neither has Hemingway.

I have so many things I want to tell you. Unfortunately, they are more in limbo than out.

I pretended I had a comfort zone and stepped outside of it last year. Actually, the last 2-5 years. So 2018 has me returning to a hidey-hole of sorts, allowing certain entrepreneurial fields to go fallow while working on some more creative endeavors of a personal nature.

I am also open to seeing what comes, especially of some opportunities I have had to support the artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors of others in this harrowing political time.

I do believe there is a moral crisis going on -- and I believe that there is a huge cavern between what I perceive as morals and what my opposition views as morals. I have morals which can easily be understood by a five year old and don't make my teenager look at me like I have two heads. Collectively, my spouse, son, and I have started looking at our opposition that way -- one head they talk from while the other is shoved firmly up their ass.

Make no mistake. I support immigrants, not walls. Marijuana, not big Pharma. People, not corporations. Soldiers, not guns/weapons/special interest groups with government contracts.

I've been more vocal on social media than personally, though I think anyone reading my blog would be well aware of my political leanings. Except it really isn't political anymore. Not in my mind.

I'm updating my website again today. Some things are frustrating me. One was that the blog wasn't loading. So while I was figuring that out, I wrote this. Sure hope you enjoyed it. And I have some old stuff making a comeback here from Wikinut. So you have that to look forward to. Or not.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Crawl. Stand. Walk. Run.

Many of my clients must have been told by previous writing teachers that their characters were flat.

I say they must have, because what I read, especially from my young writers, is adult characters who absolutely can't make up their minds.

And I know the students want to push back when I tell them to make decisions about their characters.

Because they're characters.

Totally made up.

Their motivations don't matter.

Like when an adult tells a child to clean a room. What is the point other than exerting authority?

From the young person's perspective, I get it. Honestly.

Writers are creating characters. Writers have the challenge of creating arbitrary characters to move their plots forward. Those plots, and the characters that drive those plots, are as varied as infinite numbers. But those reasons must exist in relation to the plot of the story.

And (MOST) writers must learn to create and develop characters the same way they learned to run.

Readers may not want flat characters, but writers need to create simple characters consistently before they can build complex characters that still make sense to readers. And if readers are reading the work of new writers, I hope they will understand and encourage writers at each step of the way. This includes encouraging young people to read LOTS, reading young writers' work and providing constructive criticism (emphasis on the constructive, not so much the criticism). And if those things aren't in a reader's wheelhouse, help connect the young writer with someone who will read their work and help them be better. 


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Illustrator Shout Out: Krissy Whiski

The FABULOUS surreal Bohemian artist Krissy Whiski is going to collaborate with me on a children's book I wrote the text for in October. I will share that story with you later. But today, I want to plug the artist who is bound and determine to make me cry, balter, and laugh all at the same time.

So this is some of my favorite Whiski art, and I hope you will love it, share it, and support her. Buy some art she's already created so she has room for more art and money for more canvas and paint!!

This one is StarChild. The version I prefer has puzzle pieces painted into the corner, which reminds me of Josephine Wall. I told Krissy I want this print as a puzzle. 

This is Sherbert Unicorn. I love how the ice cream cone makes the horn. It's so effortless.

 I love the ice cream cone babies. I have the limited edition stickers on my fridge (and you don't). But you can get the chocolate ice cream baby on a Tshirt. I love baby TRex, and will probably buy it when it is wearable. Krissy understands inclusivity, and carries sizes up to 3XL!

And I know a lot of people love David Bowie, but the way Krissy captures him is just fantastic.
To my knowledge, these aren't for sale yet, but they will be. 

Whisky also made a special commission "Angry Birds" for me. If I haven't already shared it, I will in another post. You can't buy it -- it belongs to me!  So no use making you all jealous.

OK. That's it!!  That's my plug!!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Hello Turkey Trot Participants!!!

If you participated in the annual Turkey Trot, then you are so much braver, more resilient, more energetic (etc) than me. 

I saw you on Facebook and your energy wore me out. 

But I am so proud of you for doing something that you enjoyed.

Event organizers said there would be 5,000 of you out there on Thanksgiving day. I said "NAH."

I was wrong. I really think there were 5,000 of you out there!!

In 1,000 of the participant treat bags, there was information about my classes and workshops on a small full color flyer (1/3 a full size sheet of printer paper). 

Which means 4,000 of you did not get that flyer. 

And, as sometimes happens, some information on that flyer is missing or out of date. In our digital age, some things DO change fast!!

So let me just say -- YES!!  I help young people (and age is relative) to write their own books, publish them, and even sell them on Amazon.

What I do is more about teaching students to finish what they start, to see things through, to create goals and achieve them, and to have something to show for all that hard work. I am not the judge or gatekeeper of creative vision (there are a few things that fall under the "bullying/abuse" category that I won't help get published. If at all possible, I will steer authors in a better creative direction).  Instead, I remove the magic curtain and show how it gets done.

Also you may have heard that I sometimes use writing classes to teach and promote literacy. All true!!  Students know the story they want to tell, and recognize their own words and speech patterns in print. This allows them to pick up reading skills faster than reading something that doesn't interest them. So don't think that struggles with reading would prevent your child from being successful. I'm not about selling your young person short!

One of the ways I keep my classes affordable is by borrowing space whenever possible. So I like to cluster a group of students around a specific day and time, and then find a venue that will accommodate us. So maybe you're in Lancaster or Hanover and want a class there instead of York? Or you have a group of Girl Scouts that meets on Wednesday nights? Let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you!

I prefer to teach each class one day a week for four to six weeks rather than cram years of effort and research into a single class or a single week. Think about it -- would you expect your child to master a piano concerto or a roundoff back handspring in a day? But writers are often at different stages. Some know how to craft a story and are only interested in technical stuff. Others only write for themselves and have no interest in sharing their work with the world. So I offer both experiences whenever possible.

Whether or not one of my flyers was in your bag, stay up-to-date on the latest class information by LIKING the Creative Writing and Publishing Workshop Page on Facebook. To find out about specific classes, send me a Private Message or email me. You can even PM/email your name and number and I will call you on the phone to talk about what you want or need and how I can help. If cost is a problem, let me know that, too. I have a few very generous anonymous donors who will sponsor a young person's creative outlet. 

If you are interested in sponsoring a student now or in the future, please reach out to me as well. Authors who came to my public school when I was a child inspired me to write and inspire others. I want that legacy to carry on!!

Schedule your child for a month of creative writing (8 hours, 4 sessions, 2 hours per session)!  

Or take it one class at a time. 90 minute classes are $20 each, and include all supplies.