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Friday, July 22, 2016

Dates and a Guest Blog Post Link

OK. Here are some dates:
Saturday, July 23 -- 11AM West Broad Farmer's Market
 I'll be doing storytime, handing out blank books for people to stop and make a book with, and all that jazz. Athens, GA!!

Tuesday, July 26 -- 1-4PM Ann Peden - Jewelry and Artist Marketplace
I'll be holding the PENULTIMATE Make A Book Summer Workshop for 2016.
Watkinsville, GA!!

And the AWA allowed me to guest post on their blog again. I really appreciate being part of this fantastic group. This is a guide to formatting in MSWord for CreateSpace.

(Kudos and thanks to Katherine for the beach scenes!!)

I am getting better about formatting and teaching myself better practices for formatting books for Kindle as well as POD. I'd love to help you see yourself in print -- contact me!!

Comments are always welcome, whether here or on my FB page. Same goes for LIKES, SHARES, and offers of canned Dr. Pepper (though we may have to do that in person).

Friday, July 15, 2016

New Time for Workshop and Two "Save the Dates"

Hey -- just letting everyone know that the Watkinsville Make a Book Workshop has a new time. As always, your group of three or more can call Ann and set up your own time if you like -- perfect for your club, organization, scout troup, or summer-camp/pre-school boredom buster! Call 706-769-2656 for details!

And then "Save the Date"

Back by popular demand August 23 and 30!!  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Embrace Your Weird

Too many parents come to me worried that I will think their kids are weird.

Of course they are weird.

And I am their Queen.

Think about it. Tell someone from 50 years ago that a lot of us would spend our time on our phones looking at pictures of cats and arguing with people we'd never met about politics. Even if they believed us -- they'd think we're pretty weird.

We like zombies and fairy tales and I've heard that hammer pants might be making a comeback. That's weird.

And when the alternative is looking like every other body that comes along?

I hope you'll choose weirdness, too.

Embrace Your Weirdness, and join me Saturday, if you're local or able to visit: