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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Four Days to NANO

So many ideas, so the same number of hours in a day as before. It's nearly impossible to decorate for Halloween, continue my fall cleaning, work on my current WIP, help my students with their WIPs, and decide among all my lovely half-baked ideas which one I will pluck from obscurity to make into my 50,000 word November project.

Or do I rebel? Nano rebellion for me is a time honored tradition. I'd hate to start following rules now.

Or I could write a children's picture book a day. However, there is a group that already does that.

I could work on several projects simultaneously, as I do throughout the year and have done for past NANOs, but I am looking to stretch myself as an author and a person. Why not make my 2015 NANO a personal best in determination and growth?

So I created a placeholder novel -- although a part of me wants to follow that plot bunny down the rabbit hole. We'll see what book I start when the Trick-or-Treaters have all gone home.

If you want to join my NANO buddy group, my handle is phyln. If you want more info about NANO, my classes, or anything else, send me an email or a FB PM. I look forward to hearing from you!