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Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Friday! Enjoy a "Round" on Me!

Picture is a round of my actual books, taken with my husband's camera phone and run through a program in his phone's software.

Had I a New Year's resolution to do more with my personal blog, I'd be doing some justice to it. But motivation is not where it needs to be.

I'd like to say that this weekend I'm putting #25Reasons to bed with the publisher. It may still happen, but the battle is uphill yet. Even the cover -- I've had 5 I've loved now -- is giving me more problems than I think I deserve. Overall I will pick one that works and the rest of the world won't know the first world agony that went into choosing it. I guess so long as no one claims it looks like a cookbook!!
Here's the current cover, but I've already decided to tweak a few things in the final.

Have a great weekend -- three day weekend for some of you!