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Monday, November 28, 2016

The Joys of Moving

The Empty UHaul

OK. So I've been remiss to the four of you that read my posts. Just kidding. Are there four? I know many people are still reeling from the election, and my friends know that I took election day (because the kids were out of school) to get a lot of packing done. Then, a week after the election, my son and I (with some help from our dear friends) loaded a UHaul which my husband drove to our new home. Then, he went back to work and my son and I unloaded the UHaul. What a task.

So NaNoWriMo -- I think I got 300 words in. It's been one of those years.

Books -- Got two published (I'm not the author) in time for Christmas. Be sure to check out Philly and Jingle on Amazon. Hopefully editing two more that I will have available by Christmas, but I am only half of either Young Author/Editor duo, so...  (no pressure!!)

QR codes -- figured them out. Pretty neat!  People can make them free online. More on that later. ;)
This QR code takes you to the I'm Not Writing a Book Today link on Amazon. Try it!!

Job -- Two teaching venues, with premiere dates December 17 and January 3. Stay tuned.

New things: Mail Chimp -- with so many people leaving off FB for various reasons, I turned to a new method to get info to people. Eventually, I will learn how to conduct all this social media seamlessly without creating new content to say the same thing(s). My apologies to those of you seeing the same message multiple ways.

As a reward for your patience, more pictures...

On the road -- Welcome Center # I lost count

Not impressed having to get this thing up stairs and through small doorways

My son the trooper, putting up with me (to get his video game chair set up)

Dolly Ho!

Yes, the TV is missing. And it STAYED "missing" until many other parts of moving were done. NOT my first move with a teenager!!

UGH!  So many boxes!

Again, I say UGH!

Tool of the trade -- use stepladder and other boxes to get things from "Mama's Attic"

Tools of trade #2

It's finally done happy dance #1

It's finally done Happy Dance #2

In February when we last moved, he couldn't move the ramp himself. How he has grown!

This also wasn't possible for him earlier this year!

Shut the door and lock it up! We're done!!

If you are on FB and have been missing out on updates, be sure to check out Campbells in York PA.