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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Back to the Beginning

As we approach the New Year, I've decided to write a little something about each of my books, starting with the first one published. If this little blurb peaks your interest, please go check it out on Amazon.

Mother Confessor

Mother Confessor Book 1

In book one, young children gather around the Mother Confessor, eager for the only story she ever tells. Throughout the decades, they are shocked to hear of the kidnapping, frightened to learn about the murders, and overjoyed to learn that one of their own breaks through the "curse" to save a little girl from their hometown.

Mother Confessor Book Two

In book two, but as children get older, they aren't content to hear the stories.  They want answers they aren't getting.  Despite being their Mother Confessor, their storyteller is withholding information.  Do their lives depend on it?

Or get both books under a shared cover!

Mother Confessor 2 in 1 edition