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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Published Books

I can't believe I have neglected to mention the first two GEORGIA books published through my creative writing workshop!!!

Six and a half year old Payton Ledford published I See a Rainbow. Payton drew all the pictures herself and dictated the story to me. Rainbow qualifies as a non-fiction PreK-Grade 2 textbook. In the book, you will learn the colors of a rainbow, where to find them, and that her favorite color is PINK!!

I See A Rainbow, available in Paperback or Kindle on Amazon.

Her sister is ten year old Kayden Ledford. Kayden published The Three Best Friends. This is a book about friends and working to keep friends from becoming frenemies. I can see this book being really popular with 8-12 year olds who are having a rough time with friends.

The Three Best Friends, available in paperback and Kindle on

You've got to check both of them out, along with all the books by the Arkansas Young Authors!!

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