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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Books on Parade!!

Wow!  Just wow!!

Five books published since May 2016.
Twenty-one titles published since August 2011
(One title is not pictured. My copy is in Ann's shop!  Sorry, Ari!! I've made it up to you below...)


Shouldn't your book be out of your filing cabinet and on my shelf? Are you going to wait forever?


Tomorrow is September 11. And we can (and will)  remember pain and death and sacrifice. Or we can (also) choose to remember that no one gets forever, so if something is on our "bucket list" (like getting that book written or published), we owe it to ourselves to do it.

September is also Suicide Prevention Month, so I am going to highlight Ari Ford's book, The Mystery of Death Bridge, about Ohana the therapy dog. Ohana and her brother Russ learn about the suicides that are taking place on the bridge, and they help their human friend Emily and their therapist owner Dr. Buga make the bridge safer and stop other people from hurting themselves or others.