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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Open House at Ann Peden (ICYMI)

If you were unable to make the Open House at Ann Peden, you missed out. I know, I can't be all over the country at once. And people are busy.

So here's a video of one of the creative writing games I play, called Flash Fiction After Dark. (I was nervous and called the game the Four Favorites game, because I have been playing FF with audiences longer than FFAD. My bad.) But the cool thing about this game is the leveled playing field between talented, experienced writers, people who struggle stringing two words together, and the ability of the game host to string all of that together into one whole performance. (And cheese. I think the willingness to be totally cheesy helps a lot. I don't have a problem being cheesy. For everyone else, BYOB -- if you're of age and have a safe way home!

If you want to see how cheesy you can get with your group, call Ann to set up a party for you and your friends. 706-769-2656

I also have a new survey for people in the area who might be interested in signing up for a class or for private consultation.