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Friday, October 14, 2016

Well, it was worth a shot!!

I tried to share a post from my Goodreads Author account -- where I am recognized as an author, not just* a fan.

So I wrote a review of the latest Lisa McMann book I read, and clicked the box to share with my blog and Facebook. So far, neither has posted.

So basically, this is a post created so that the three** of you know that I am writing and trying not to overwhelm with posts. There is lots more I could write about, but I am supposed to be editing.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Word getting done on a Friday night. Funny!!

*Tonight I am done with the words. No offense was meant. Readers and fans are extremely important. What they lack is the responsibility of the profession to post reviews and edit author pages.

**Kidding/not kidding. If it weren't for FB shares, this blog would see very little attention. I almost miss the troll who kept wanting me to buy her dental services. Almost.