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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Sunday! Today I am going to work on an author review and compile notes from an interview I conducted last week. I hope to publish both via Wikinut this week. What have you been up to?

I am also competing in the HotTopic Howarts Sweepstakes. I feel I have less than zero chance of winning, but it also gives me something to tweet daily, so what the heck. And there's always a chance HotTopic will take pity on my son due to his lame mother and pay for us to go to Florida.

Beyond that, I am doing a little job hunting. I am getting laundry done. Sean got me some Monkey Hooks and I'm putting "stuff" on the walls. Fairies came and did the dishes. I switched out kitchen tables for one that is a little shorter, wider, and its legs don't fold.

I am endeavoring to make a list of things I've done, rather than things to do, since the latter depresses me and then I get nothing done. Last week I had a wonderful breakfast with JR and helped my brother move into his dorm. I still haven't tried to hook up and use my sewing machine or decided how best to sort the stuff out in the garage, but that's why I'm making the list of "I did" rather than "I need to." The former makes me feel accomplished.

I am going to try to be better about using my social media outlets. A tweet a day, a blog post a week, and a Wikinut article every other day I think are manageable goals, whether I find a job or not. This week, I'm going to follow up on a lovely reply email I received Friday night and attend a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new publishing house here in NWA. Maybe pass out some business cards. I think they're lovely. TTYL!