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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to my latest book!!! A Muse Meant is Here!!

Happy Birthday (or happy publishing day) to my latest book. After three and a half years, I am finally ready and happy to introduce A Muse Meant to the world.

Please check it out on Amazon, and share the link with your friends.

A Muse Meant is about Samm and her friend Alex, two middle school young people trying to negotiate the terrifying world that will be their teenage years. Samm, the girl, just made the championship team in soccer for the girl's division. Alex, the boy, didn't. And that's just the start.

When Alex plays hooky from school, Samm is forced to go on what they both believe will be a boring field trip by herself. But for Samm, it isn't boring. It's an absolute magic house leading from one adventure to another. She can't wait to share it with her best friend.

But how can she explain it to him? And when she takes him to the place, it's just an abandoned lot. She starts to doubt herself. Luckily, Alex knows his best friend is sensitive and smart -- not crazy or lying to call attention to herself.

So they finally find A Muse Meant, and accidentally release the trapped monsters there -- called Goons. The Goon caretaker, Mr. Rios, says they must return the Goons or they won't be allowed to leave. With so many things working against them, can the friends work together to escape A Muse Meant? Can Alex help Samm get past her own self-doubt?

Phyl Campbell is Author, Mother, Dreamer. Right now, she's in over her head with
 book projects whose (author-self-imposed) deadlines passed by. She waved, and only cried a little. But sometimes the Mother and Dreamer get in the way of the Author, and the Author has to catch up. Check out her author page on Amazon. 

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