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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Muse Meant ... Some Shameless Plugging

Some people number their chapters. I'm among the camp that names mine. And so I thought on the day I was able to HOLD my novel -- A Muse Meant -- in my hot little hands, that I would share these chapter names with you. And unashamedly, I hope that I pique your interest so you just HAVE to go buy my book on Amazon.

The Lame Field Trip
Future-Shroom and Fear
For Your Muse, Meant
Lies and Omissions
Penalty Sick
The Vacant Lot
Returning a Goon
Safe Place
The Dead Man in the Yearbook
Poor Mrs. Darling
The Big Game
A Most Unusual Diner
PDA in the Library
Reverse Psychology
Critical Urgency
Not Amused
Mrs. Darling Returns
A Goon Named Greg
Defeating Paradox
No Ordinary Animals
Goon Trap
Big Goon Battle
Pink Elephants
No Holding Back

I hope your interest is piqued! My book is available on Amazon. Get it! If you want your copy signed, be sure to let me know! And if you know someone who would be interested in my publishing workshop, let me know or tell them to contact me. I am working to have a place to hold classes, but also teach via Skype and Google Hangouts!! 

Phyl Campbell is Author, Mother, Dreamer. Right now, she's in over her head with
 book projects whose (author-self-imposed) deadlines passed by. She waved, and only cried a little. But sometimes the Mother and Dreamer get in the way of the Author, and the Author has to catch up. Check out her author page on Amazon.