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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Chain of Events

I'm creating posts about the writing games I have created to save lengthy explanations in individual emails to panels or forums where I might offer them.

                                                                Chain of Events

What is it?
I started Chain of Events as a prompt in the Flash Fiction After Dark game, but it can take as long as multiple rounds of FFAD and I realized it could stand alone. This game is community storytelling at its finest. 


How do you play? 
Participants sit in a circle or around a table(don't have to, but it helps). They write the first line of a story (I have some story starters, if needed)on strips of paper I provide (one per person). When their line is written, they attach the ends to make a chain link and pass to the next person (if they use a story starter, they will have an extra link). The next person adds a line to the story on a second/next link, attaches it, and passes it on. Play continues until the chains have gone full circle. Then, final results are shared. 

            "Her Story"                      "His Story"      

Who is the target player? 
This is a writing game for the whole community. Anyone that can write a sentence (or even just a phrase, or with parent help) is encouraged to take up a pen and play!

How many can play at once? How long does a game take?
I introduced this game at the February First Friday event at Creative York. First Friday is a drop-in event, so instead of many stories coming full circle, those who dropped in -- over 40 participants -- added their links to create two stories. Like FFAD, time for Chain of Events also depends on the number of participants. I see the game running 30 minutes to an hour.

Read the stories created here:

                            His Story / Her Story

 I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for Chain of Events!

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