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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cheap Book LOVE this week!

I love cheap books. And when I go to the "other" local library in town, I have to check out their 75% off section, since most of their books are only a buck or two to start with.  Here were my finds this week:

Silver Door(II) and Ruby Key(I) by Holly Lisle
Holly Lisle is something of a mentor of mine. She teaches a class How to Think Sideways that I have used many many many of the free parts of. She celebrated her birthday this week, and is doing all sorts of cool stuff. She revealed that it took six years to get her first acceptance letter. That is both comforting and extremely frustrating. I have been writing much longer than I've not been writing. But I've only been "published" -- and not traditionally -- for a few years. And I still don't know, especially being self-published -- how much harder I need to work or how much more patient I need to be to make things go the way I want them to. But Holly was one of the first traditionally published authors who taught me about the problems of big trad publishers and the importance she felt in making the switch to being self-pubbed. It IS all a big gamble, and the not-knowing part is very tough.

Two books by Jennifer Weiner
Love me some Jennifer Weiner chic-lit. And the first one mentions a heftier girl having to get comfortable with her own skin. Gotta love those feel-good vibes, and Weiner's always good to give them to readers.

Two books by Patricia Cornwell
My friend recommended Patricia Cornwell to me because I love Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, Mary Higgins Clark, and James Patterson. I still haven't ventured past front covers and first pages (so many books, so little time), but the best thing about these books is if I don't care for them, I have a gift for my friend! Win-win!!

Patrick O'Brian and DJ MacHale
And for the men in my life. Dear Hubby is working on the Patrick O'Brian collection, so to pick up a book that still retails for $11.95 for 75% off $2? Priceless. My brother reads Pendragon, and I think my son will have an interest at some point. These books retail for $8.99 and I picked it up for $.25.

The bad thing about picking up books this cheap is that the author does not profit directly from this sale. But the library does -- and many of these are either donated by previous owners or library discards. Poor readers and readers on a budget benefit. And blog readers do, when they hear about great books because a giddy author, blogger, and person like me is excited to share. If they check out the recommendations, they discover the writers, and then everyone wins. Book love -- it's important stuff!!

*Images are from the actual books taken with my camera phone. Cover images are property of their respective authors, illustrators, and publishers.