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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Looking for a Children's Book Artist/Illustrator: An Open Letter to Visual Artists

Dear Artist (who takes pity on poor writers like yours truly),

I'm looking for images to replace clip art in my book.

I also want to add avatar tags to the text. See an example of what I mean.
(Page 5 of YCCMM, with Avatar tags)

I want to replace pages one and two with images of the artist's choice that show a play date and one mom and kid leaving.Then, as you can see from the story, the rest of the conversation can take place anywhere -- a park, a car, or a home kitchen. I want the artist to have fun with different backgrounds if s/he wants.

If I buy your work, you retain the rights. I know I can't draw!
I would like the artist to have an "about the illustrator" page with photo or illustration and bio. I am good with words & can write the bio if supplied information.

My finished book will be available on in print & ebook. Cheap(er) art will allow a cheap(er) book that can be sold to more people & promote your art. Promoting yourself with my book will help me sell books. Win-Win. I'd like us both to be rich and famous!

I am also looking to work with someone who has more technical skills than I do. The artist for Martha's Chickens & the Pirates was/is wonderful, but I had to do all the formatting and someone in the business or having better tools in pursuit of his/her hobby might save me a lot of time and frustration, resulting in a better book for the consumer.

So I am contacting several artists to see their rates, and writing open letters like this one. I am hoping to find someone willing to provide art for $5 to $10 per page. I know good artists are worth more, but writers like me can't afford it!

With so much appreciation and respect for your talent,